A Quaint Midgardian Festival

The more I learn about the realm I mean to rule, the better. For example, it has come to my attention that the Midgardians are currently celebrating a harvest festival. Apparently the crop in question is a type of hot, green berry called a "hatch chilly." That makes no sense to me –shouldn’t something called a "chilly" be cold? Still, a "chilly" sounds like something a Frost Giant would enjoy. Also, they are green and supposedly sneaky, so I am prepared to approve.

The local market has some for sale. The clerk has said that those in the left-hand pile are mild chillies and those in the right-hand pile are super-hot.


It goes without saying that I spent a few minutes mixing the piles…

But you know what? I examined a lot f them as I was moving them, and did not see a hatch on a single one! A little door sounds like a great way to remove any seeds, but I think this lot is defective.

>|: [

One comment

  1. I hope someone warned him to wash his hands after handling peppers! I hate to think of him tenderly brushing a stray hair from Sigyn’s brow and leaving her with watering eyes long after!

    She shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of his mischief!

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