I have heard the humans speak of this oblong breakfast as a kola… Kola… Kolachamathingy. I think they usually contain oozy fruit, though this one seems to be full of cheese and… something else. ??? Some unfortunate animal, evidently.


Kolache, kolace, kolacky*….Whatever. I’m not sure I want to eat a food I cannot spell.

>|: [

* Not to be confused with kolaczki, which are something else entirely. Stupid Midgardian food.


  1. WOW! I’ve seen sandwiches decorated with fancily fringed toothpicks, or hors d’oeuvres held together by tiny plastic swords — but this breakfast creation is topped with an arrogant Asgardian God and skewered by his magical lance! I have to deduct points for the Styrofoam plate – but kudos to the chef for a truly impressive presentation.

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