Month: September 2014

Miffed to have missed this.

Apparently this happened while I was away on vacation.

Sent on behalf of the Offices of the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets

In case you hear what sounds like loud explosions in the afternoon today, please do not be alarmed. Beginning at 2 p.m., the Offices of the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets will be conducting test firings of cannons in preparation for the remainder of the football season. The testing could take several hours. The test firings will take place near the Southeast Activation Tower of Kyle Field, near Houston Street, in order to determine the noise levels in surrounding areas.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


If only I’d been here! All that lovely artillery, going to waste… Bah! These humans! I could have put real ammo in those cannons to knock down some of the uglier buildings on this campus. I could have bombarded my way into the President position, or any one of the Vice President or Dean openings. I could have blasted some more sand traps into the golf course. All blanks do is scare the crap–literally– out of the local grackles.

No photo, because I wasn’t here to take one, but you can picture me pouting.

>|: [

Toadstool City

We arrived home to find that recent rains have summoned forth a plethora of fungal forms. When they are little, they look like creepy lollipops. No, Sigyn, I don’t think you should taste one.


The larger ones can serve as not-very-durable furniture. Climb on up, my sweet!


The biggest ones make a very comfy king-size mattress (if you are a not-so-humongous king.)


But where are all the toads? Shouldn’t there be toads?

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A Holiday! Day 7: Just plain fun

What do you want to do for your last day of vacation, Sigyn? An amusement park? Really?

All right. I suppose we could do that… (Actually, I doubt I will be amused, but I am a pushover where my dearest heart is concerned.)

Sigyn, did you remember to take off your shoes before you went in the bouncy house?


What in the Nine Realms is that? Oh. I see. Something to climb on. You’re very good at that, you know.


I…um…seem to have encountered a little difficulty…


Whew! After all of that, I just want to take off my splendid-yet-somewhat-cumbersome helmet and rest for a bit. I’m not hungry, but Sigyn has gone in search of refreshments.

Wait–have you finished off all the cotton candy already?


Home tomorrow.

>|: [

A Holiday! Day 6: Under the sea

Splash! Glub! Bloop!

Today is Aquarium day. By all means, let us inspect some of this curious Midgardian sea life.

Sigyn wanted to have her photo taken with this…thing. I do not know what it is, but he has far too many arms for my liking, and I’m not sure what the one behind my Sigyn is up to. I don’t trust him.


I’m not sure about this fellow, either. Hey, wait! That’s mine! Give that back!


All right, I’ll arm-wrestle you for it…


Ha, you carapacious crawler! I win! Return Gungnir to me. Very well… You can hold it for a minute, But you have to give my dearest a ride!


Me too!


>|: [

A Holiday! Day 5: Sigyn Speaks–A Very Nice Dinner

Hi. It’s Sigyn. Don’t tell Loki, but I let him "win" the feather contest. I very diplomatically didn’t take advantage of the fact that it is apparently molting season for the ostriches.

A gloaty Loki is an adventurous Loki, though, and he has cheerfully agreed to try something different and exciting for dinner. (I think travel provides the perfect excuse to eat all sorts of unusual things.)

This is a fun restaurant and we haven’t even ordered yet! They have crayons to doodle with while you peruse the menu. I choose the red crayon; Loki takes the green.


Ooo! And now they are bringing us crispy things to dip in this tasty red sauce. (I love appetizers!)


Loki thinks the green sauce might taste better.


Ah! Our dinner is here. I think the reddish rice looks tasty. Loki is intrigued by the green wheel-shaped sliced thingies.


I’m starting to think we might be in a bit of a color rut… What do you think?


Sigyn : )

A Holiday! Day 5: Zoo, zoo, we’re going to the zoo

Here we are at the zoo. There are so many children about! I think we may be the oldest people here. (Well, actually, I am *certain* I am the oldest person here!) They all seem to be flocking toward the lions and the monkeys. Sigyn has some bad memories of big kitties, and I don’t like crowds (unless they are bowing in homage to me), so let us go see something else.


I’m not sure what this is… I thought at first it was a hippopotamus, but it has horns. By Fandral’s mustache wax! And it is a rather alarming shade of aqua. Whatever it is, it appears to be docile.

There are a number of birds roaming freely on the zoo grounds–pigeons, peacocks, ducks, and suchlike. They’re almost as noisy as the hordes of children. Sigyn has found a very nice, plumy feather she plans to take home. Ha ha! I have found a larger one!


No, wait! I win!


>|: [

A Holiday! Day 4, Part 2: More Planty Stuff

There is so much more to see at the garden. Sigyn and I have moved on from the succulents to the other extreme–plants that like damp places.

The Fern House is cool, leafy, and a little mysterious. Stick close, Sigyn! A body could get lost in here… It’s very primeval.


Ooooh. Now these are interesting plants! They EAT ANIMALS! Some of them make pitcher traps, but this group makes sticky nectar/glue traps. Careful, my love. While I am fairly sure you are large and strong enough not to become irrevocably trapped, you could still get covered in goop. If nothing else, it might not wash out…


I am trying to figure out how to acquire one of these beauties. If I can magically increase their size about tenfold, I will have something very efficacious for dealing with the cat.

>|: [

A Holiday! Day 4: Sigyn among the succulents

Sigyn at first wanted to go to the zoo today, but then she thought it would be better to break the animals up with some plants, so we are at the botanical garden. She does love plants!

She is particularly enamored by the Succulent House. I have to admit, this specimen is impressive, and well set off by some colorful sculpture. And it’s not terribly poke-y.


Not like these two. Ouch!


Uh, oh. This little fellow doesn’t look too well. No, Sigyn, we can’t take it home with us. The humans’ stupid cat would probably eat it. We’ll just alert the curator and let him know that one of his charges is three-quarters compost…


Grab hold, Sigyn, and come on up! Probably, we are not supposed to climb the rocks, but the top of this monolith will provide the best view of the plantings.


Uh, oh. Here comes security! Time to get going…

>|: [

A Holiday! Day 3: e-i-e-i-o

The sun is out today, and it is deliciously cool–a perfect day for a visit to a farm.

While I cannot truthfully say that I have always longed to ride on a tractor, I am by no means averse to doing so.


Whoa! Who knew Sigyn could drive a tractor?! I’d better hop off and direct her before she runs over a chicken or something. (I recall only too well the last time she got behind the wheel…)


MooOOooo! Sigyn displays the regrettable human tendency to make noises at cows. Just when l forget that she is half Midgardian, the fact rises up and clubs me over the head. Still, on her, it is cute.


Sigyn wants to know which little piggy this is, the one who ate roast beef or the one who went to market. I’m sorry to say I think it is the little piggy whose sty needs cleaning…


>|: [

A Holiday! Day 2: Making new friends

We slept very well and arose early to be up and doing. We enjoyed this large round breakfast. It tasted wonderfully of some sweet spice but was very sticky.


It looks like rain, so we are doing indoor things today.

We have heard that this place is the home of some indigenous deities. I have thought it prudent to seek them out and introduce myself, one god to another, as it were.


Oh, no! That blue fellow looks to be about to stomp on my beloved! Oh, wait. He is merely dancing. Lucky for him– as conquering *this* particular bit of Midgard is not on my agenda–yet. I would prefer to count them as potential allies, rather than have to smite them and force them to kneel.

They are proving to be most hospitable. This little one is offering refreshments. Perhaps later? I am still full from breakfast.


>|: [