Day: September 1, 2014

A new beginning…

I need to learn more of the workings of this realm if I’m to one day rule it. It’s the beginning of the fall term at the University where the human female works. It takes massive amounts of organization to keep her department running smoothly. Just look at the room schedule for the eighty-six sections of Biology 111!


Six rooms, four days, thirty-odd instructors, twenty-four students per section. It took the teaching assistants an hour to get all the sections signed for.

You know, that dry-erase marker is notoriously impermanent. It’d be a shame if anything happened to it before this could all be transcribed…


>|: [

Today’s vocabulary word


Swipe: 1. v. tr. To slide (a magnetic card) quickly through an electronic device that reads data.

2. v. tr. To steal or make off with, as in the human female’s access card when it falls out of her pocket.

Now I can get into all the teaching labs! And the prep rooms! And the stockrooms! And the scary room in the basement with all the dead animals!

I am Loki. I do what I want and go where I please. Ehehehehe….

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