Day: September 12, 2014

Her poor, dry eyes

The human female suffers terribly from dry eyes. (If she’d just get to bed at a decent hour, she wouldn’t feel like someone had put sand under her eyelids all the time, but she’s not very bright…)

She has these computer glasses just for middle-near work. Without them, her computer screen is blurry.


With them, things are still a little blurry. Mostly because I lick the lenses when she isn’t looking. (And lens cleaner is surprisingly ineffective on Jotun spit.)

On bad days, she has to keep putting in these wetting drops with the ingredients I can’t pronounce. You should see the faces she makes while she’s doing it. Horrible.


Mostly they help, but lately they’ve been making things worse. I’m not saying I have or haven’t been spitting in them, but there are several studies in peer-reviewed journals that suggest that Frost Giant saliva can cause a burning sensation on contact…

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