Avast, ye lubbers!

Arrr! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Sigyn and I be sportin’ our pirate garb and sailin’ me fine vessel, the Glorious Purpose on the high seas. I be none too happy wi’ me hook, though, fer ye know it has a mort o’ bad memories. If I ever get me hook (or hand) on the nag what bit me, I’ll flay the rogue alive and keel-haul ‘is carcass…


And now, me lass, let us be sittin’ and countin’ our booty. We have ourselves a chest o’ gold and jewels, a cutlass, a pistol, and a fine red polly bird what says, "Pieces o’ eight."


I be thinkin’ o’ all the ways to spend me doubloons, while me fine wench be enthralled wi’ this heart-shaped trinket. Nothin’ be too good fer me Sigyn. We’ll be makin’ off wi’ it and some o’ the coins and bury the rest where no scurvy dog be findin’ it. I’ll make a treasure map out o’ Sigyn’s hat so we don’t be fergettin’ where we hide the chest.

Yo ho ho, and a bottle o’ whatever ye like best!

>|: ]


  1. Loki – I hate to admit this, but you do make a rather dashing pirate and Sigyn is a fetching wench, indeed. I recommend a reprise of these roles for Halloween. I would think that assuming the persona of a ruthless character such as Blackbeard and Henry Morgan would be a good fit for you!

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