Day: September 20, 2014

A Holiday! Day 1: Getting there is half the fun!

The humans have been terribly stressed at work lately–computer woes, missing packages, clueless students, feckless maintenance personnel, looming deadlines. They drag themselves home every evening hardly able to move or speak. Time for a vacation!

Not for *them.* For Sigyn and me! We’re tired of listening to all the complaining, so we’re going on holiday! We have left the puny mortals behind and have struck out on our own. The mischief back in Texas will just have to take care of itself while we are away.

We got up very early this morning so as to be in good time to catch the train. I had to remind Sigyn just how a locomotive works and where the burny-hot smoke is likely to be.


The train could only take us so far, and we were obliged to hire a car to reach our final destination. I was in favor of something low, sleek, and fast. Sigyn had other ideas.


(I find I am unable to deny my sweetie anything. And, of course, it’s red.)

We have now arrived at our inn, which is pleasant enough, though it appears to lack the teleportation device that the last two have featured. It is rather late, and we are hungry. What do you fancy, Sigyn? There is a Scottish place down the road which is still open.

Sigyn was in the mood for something light, so we have brought back a dish of tart, flavored dairy cream, layered with fruit. There is a packet of sweetened grain to sprinkle on top.


Look! This is fun! If you put a light source near the bottom of the cup, you can make a meal that glows in the dark!


WoooOOOooo! Spooky! What a fun end to day one!

>|: [