A Holiday! Day 2: Making new friends

We slept very well and arose early to be up and doing. We enjoyed this large round breakfast. It tasted wonderfully of some sweet spice but was very sticky.


It looks like rain, so we are doing indoor things today.

We have heard that this place is the home of some indigenous deities. I have thought it prudent to seek them out and introduce myself, one god to another, as it were.


Oh, no! That blue fellow looks to be about to stomp on my beloved! Oh, wait. He is merely dancing. Lucky for him– as conquering *this* particular bit of Midgard is not on my agenda–yet. I would prefer to count them as potential allies, rather than have to smite them and force them to kneel.

They are proving to be most hospitable. This little one is offering refreshments. Perhaps later? I am still full from breakfast.


>|: [


  1. Hmmm… It’s hard to tell from the photos, but was Kokopelli perhaps included in the group of Gods Loki encountered? I think they might have much in common….. besides sharing each of the letters in Loki’s name, they both are known as Gods of Mischief…. and they both have become associated with a reverence for seeds and plants.

    The French foundation “Association Kokopellii” labors for the protection of biodiversity, medicinal plants and the production of organic seeds, and the North American “Kokopelli Seed Foundation” strives to provide access to open-pollinated seeds — while Loki has been drawn to flowers of late, and the human female subject of many of Loki’s observations (and pranks) is herself a dedicated botanist.

    I find the comparison of Loki and Kokopelli utterly fascinating, but I do fervently hope that our Asgard God does not prove to be too similar to the Native American Diety. The campus and other locations frequented by Loki would not be well served by the indiscriminate delivery of infants attributable to a capricious Fertility God!

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