A Holiday! Day 3: e-i-e-i-o

The sun is out today, and it is deliciously cool–a perfect day for a visit to a farm.

While I cannot truthfully say that I have always longed to ride on a tractor, I am by no means averse to doing so.


Whoa! Who knew Sigyn could drive a tractor?! I’d better hop off and direct her before she runs over a chicken or something. (I recall only too well the last time she got behind the wheel…)


MooOOooo! Sigyn displays the regrettable human tendency to make noises at cows. Just when l forget that she is half Midgardian, the fact rises up and clubs me over the head. Still, on her, it is cute.


Sigyn wants to know which little piggy this is, the one who ate roast beef or the one who went to market. I’m sorry to say I think it is the little piggy whose sty needs cleaning…


>|: [


    1. I think she’s a little too taken with that pig! She looks at it with the same expression that she does with Loki….. I’d be worried….

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