A Holiday! Day 4: Sigyn among the succulents

Sigyn at first wanted to go to the zoo today, but then she thought it would be better to break the animals up with some plants, so we are at the botanical garden. She does love plants!

She is particularly enamored by the Succulent House. I have to admit, this specimen is impressive, and well set off by some colorful sculpture. And it’s not terribly poke-y.


Not like these two. Ouch!


Uh, oh. This little fellow doesn’t look too well. No, Sigyn, we can’t take it home with us. The humans’ stupid cat would probably eat it. We’ll just alert the curator and let him know that one of his charges is three-quarters compost…


Grab hold, Sigyn, and come on up! Probably, we are not supposed to climb the rocks, but the top of this monolith will provide the best view of the plantings.


Uh, oh. Here comes security! Time to get going…

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