Day: September 25, 2014

A Holiday! Day 5: Zoo, zoo, we’re going to the zoo

Here we are at the zoo. There are so many children about! I think we may be the oldest people here. (Well, actually, I am *certain* I am the oldest person here!) They all seem to be flocking toward the lions and the monkeys. Sigyn has some bad memories of big kitties, and I don’t like crowds (unless they are bowing in homage to me), so let us go see something else.


I’m not sure what this is… I thought at first it was a hippopotamus, but it has horns. By Fandral’s mustache wax! And it is a rather alarming shade of aqua. Whatever it is, it appears to be docile.

There are a number of birds roaming freely on the zoo grounds–pigeons, peacocks, ducks, and suchlike. They’re almost as noisy as the hordes of children. Sigyn has found a very nice, plumy feather she plans to take home. Ha ha! I have found a larger one!


No, wait! I win!


>|: [