Day: September 26, 2014

A Holiday! Day 5: Sigyn Speaks–A Very Nice Dinner

Hi. It’s Sigyn. Don’t tell Loki, but I let him "win" the feather contest. I very diplomatically didn’t take advantage of the fact that it is apparently molting season for the ostriches.

A gloaty Loki is an adventurous Loki, though, and he has cheerfully agreed to try something different and exciting for dinner. (I think travel provides the perfect excuse to eat all sorts of unusual things.)

This is a fun restaurant and we haven’t even ordered yet! They have crayons to doodle with while you peruse the menu. I choose the red crayon; Loki takes the green.


Ooo! And now they are bringing us crispy things to dip in this tasty red sauce. (I love appetizers!)


Loki thinks the green sauce might taste better.


Ah! Our dinner is here. I think the reddish rice looks tasty. Loki is intrigued by the green wheel-shaped sliced thingies.


I’m starting to think we might be in a bit of a color rut… What do you think?


Sigyn : )