The human female fails…again.

For all that the human female possess not one but two degrees in the plant sciences, she has a remarkably brown thumb. A few weeks ago, she "rescued" a whole bagful of cuttings from plants around a greenhouse that was being torn down. She treated them with rooting powder and stuck them carefully in trays and covered them with plastic and misted them faithfully.

My contribution was to induce the cat to investigate. I also added extra moisture so that most of them would mold, then peeled back the plastic so the survivors would dry out.


Two or three of the original dozens might make it. I am rooting (ehehehe! See what I did there?) for this one:


It’s a Hibiscus, but the leaves look like a popular recreational drug weed which is not legal in this state. Hmm. I think an anonymous call to the Drug Task Force is in order…

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