Day: October 12, 2014

Sigyn Gets Involved

Sigyn says it was mean of me to ruin all of the human female’s hair tie thingies, especially since she was running late yesterday. Note to self: Never underestimate how females will stand in solidarity over hair care.

So here we are at the market, where I am being forced to buy replacements. I have no knowledge of such fripperies. Sigyn, you pick out something.


You want those? Fine. Put them in the basket.

Now we’re home and the human female says that Sigyn can choose a few for herself. I think Sigyn looks most beautiful with her hair down, but if she wants to try an up-do, I will not gainsay her.


How did I know you were going to choose red and yellow? But, light of my heart, aren’t those a little too large for you?

Yes, I think the smaller ones will work better.


Um. Maybe those are still a smidge too big…


>|: [