Day: October 13, 2014

A Fall Walk, Part 1– Up to my horns in flowers

We’ve had enough rain that the fall wildflowers are quite abundant. Naturally, Sigyn wanted to go for a walk between showers yesterday and look at them. (I would have preferred to nap.) It didn’t take long for her to gather a bouquet of goldenaster, purple asters, and tiny verbena blossoms.


Fall seems to bring out the members of the daisy family, many of them with yellow flowers. The human female says that because there are so many that are similar, the botanists just call them DYCs–Damned Yellow Composites. Personally, I think she is just too lazy to get our her books and identify them properly. She did say this one was Helenium or bitterweed.


Next we encountered some woolly croton. (Who thinks up these ridiculous names?) It doesn’t have showy flowers, but Sigyn likes fuzzy things, so of course we had to sit in it.


Then she decided that the calyces were just exactly hat-sized and had to try one on. Very fetching.


This plant–oh, this plant has distinct possibilities. This is a nightshade, and all parts of the plant are deadly poisonous. I shall file that away for future reference…


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