Day: October 14, 2014

A Fall Walk, Part 2– I actually liked some of these plants

Sigyn wanted to see more flowers, and the human female was trying to exercise off some of her enormous lunch, so we kept walking.

I have to admit that this was a rather interesting plant. The flowers have blue anthers, which is a bit odd.


And then the fruits are inflated like little green balloons!


The human female says it’s called "ground cherry," which makes no sense. It’s not a cherry, and they don’t grow on the ground. I’d have called it….Thor’s heads, because they’re swelled, mostly empty, and fun to mess with.

Ah, this plant reminds me of me. It is tall, noble, and everywhere. Even its name, goldenrod, recalls my mighty Gungnir. Is it not handsome?


Sigyn found some more floral millinery.


The we had a little rest in a yaupon holly tree. The fancy name is Ilex vomitoria, which makes me wonder if it’s something I need to think about adding to the human female’s tea…


Plenty to ponder…

>|: [