Day: October 15, 2014

A Fall Walk, Part 3– A very near thing

A bit farther on, we came to a sort of sluggish creek. Sigyn admired the view from the bridge.


Growing on the bridge was a twining vine with curly bean-like flowers.


The fruits look just like haricots verts. I had this whispered dialogue with Sigyn:

Me: I think it would be fun to add some to the human female’s green beans next time she cooks them.
Sigyn: Oh, no! What if they are poisonous?

Me: Well, it is one sure way to find out!


Like the photo, what happened next is a little unclear. The human female swears it was a preternaturally strong gust of wind that caught me off balance. I doubt that very much. I feel sure she overheard my plotting and gave me a not-so-subtle finger flick. Whichever it was, I suddenly found myself flying through space and then plummeting down and down to land face-first on the muddy earth beneath the bridge. I distinctly remember Sigyn screaming, and I think there were some colorful profanities form the Midgardian. (More from annoyance, I’m sure, than out of any regard for my safety.)

As I lay there half-stunned, I took a bitter pleasure in watching the human female run to the edge of the bridge and then back along the bank, slipping and sliding in the wet vegetation in her efforts to find and rescue me. It served her right that she had to wade through quite a stretch of ragweed, stickers, and mosquitoes to reach my resting place. She apologized, but it smacked of insincerity. Sigyn’s tears and hug of relief, at least, were genuine.


Fear not! I am well. It takes more than a little tumble to damage the great Loki. I have gone back today, without the Midgardian Menace, to do a little botanizing of my own.


The suspicious beans ARE going into her dinner. The black berries, which look like grapes but are toxic, are going in her fruit salad, the grass burs are going in her sock drawer, and I collected a pocketful of ragweed pollen to sprinkle in her nose-tissue box.

Preternaturally strong gust of wind my right eye…

>|: [