With Malus/Malice aplenty

The human female likes apples. When I say that, I mean she really, really, really likes apples. Her goal is to eat as many different varieties as she can. She has filled one geeky little book with tasting notes and histories and has begun upon a second. (They all taste pretty much alike to me.)

Fall is apple season in this part of Midgard, and all the attractive red, green, and yellow fruits come with tidy little identification stickers. It’s the only way she can keep them sorted until she photographs and eats them.

Let me see. We’ll put the ‘Sansa’ sticker on the ‘Gingergold’…


The ‘envy’ sticker I shall place upon the ‘McIntosh’, while the ‘organic’ label will go on something sprayed with noxious chemicals.


Swap all the stickers! Add stickers of apples she doesn’t even have! Kick little bruises into the ones she wants to try most!

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a job well done.


I think I will sit back and munch on her last, coveted ‘Ribston Pippin” as she tries (and fails) sort it all out.

>|: [



  1. You’d better play nicer, you rotten little “God”, or I’m going to find someone to switch around little Lego pieces the same way you’ve been switching around little stickers! …… and don’t forget that your Beloved’s body parts separate just as easily as yours do!

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