Day: October 20, 2014

Another day, another inn.

The human female has dragged us out of town *again,* as if we were no more than luggage. This time, she’s going to a wedding in a small Texas town. Sigyn and I are getting used to typical Midgardian inns. Same beds. Same carpet. Same lobby. I grow bored.

However, the view out the window this time is different. Not parking, not a garishly-illuminated eatery, not an alley, not the road. There’s a great deal of….nothing.

The human has just brought this back from a walk, saying that this is what is grown locally. Hmmm. Bleargh! I have tasted it and found it inedible. It appears to be some sort of fiber. Sigyn finds it eminently huggable.


It is comfortable at first, but there are some lumps in it.


Oh, I see. The lumps are fuzzy little seeds. Sigyn is excited because she thinks that if she plants one she can grow a kitten. Sweetie, I hate to tell you… It doesn’t… You can’t… No, you know what? Let’s try it. Bring one home and we’ll plant it.


Surely I can magic up a kitten…

>|: [