Day: October 25, 2014

Sigyn likes to shop, too!

My cherished snowflake has joined me in perusal of this most interesting catalog. She wants to order a rainbow of fuzzy bears.


Dearest, I’m not sure you have grasped the purpose of the upcoming holiday. We need to choose something spookier.

Stretchy flying bats? I must admit, those do look like fun… Bet I could hit the cat from twenty paces with one of those.


And–hey–look! They sell weapons! Weapons that glow in the dark!


I must have some! Hmm… Axes or tridents? Tridents or axes? Well, since it’s not going to be *my* money I’m spending, I shall order a dozen of each! Sigyn, do you like the bracelets? If you like, I will have them send those as well. Nothing’s too good for my sweetie.

>|: [