Day: October 31, 2014

Halloween, Part II: The Quest for Sweeties

We have left the horse behind–he has a definite sweet tooth and a tendency to steal one’s candy. He’s also not above nipping. Though manual labor is beneath me, I will consent to pull the wagon from house to house.


We are amassing quite the haul! I see at least some chocolate among the goodies. Midgardians are about 99% useless, but one of them did manage to figure out the cacao bean’s higher calling, so the race gets a “pass” from me and I won’t destroy them all just yet.

….Many houses and not a few tricks later…

It is growing difficult to manage the wagon, my head, and my temper while being jostled by hordes of diminutive, trick-or-treaters who are all screaming and veritably fizzing with ingested sugar. Here… I will just put my head on top of the pile. It can keep an eye out for marauders sneaking up from behind.


Let’s just go to the end of the block and then head for home to see what we’ve collected!

>|: [

Halloween, Part I: Clothes Make the Man (or Woman)

Sigyn and I discussed doing what is colloquially termed a “couple’s costume,” but we couldn’t agree on whom to be. She wanted to go as a pair of flower fairies, but I nipped that in the bud. (Ehhehehehe.) I wanted to be something disgusting and obnoxious, like Thor snogging Jane Foster, or something truly terrifying, like Sigyn’s half-sister Gunnehilde. We could have just reprised our pirate garb, but that seemed like cheating.

Sigyn finally decided it was easiest to be a ghost. Not just any ghost, mind you. No, she is going around saying things like, “About fifty-fifty,” and “It might or it might not,” and “It’s the luck of the draw.”* And she has her little basket all ready for candy.


I have decided to impersonate a famous, fearful fiend from Midgardian folklore. Is this not a good illusion?


And look at what I can make the photo do! (Just watch it for a moment.) Mwahahahaha!


Since, apart from tricking or terrifying one’s neighbors, this festival is about the sanctioned extortion of sweets, I have decided that no small basket or bag will suit my needs. I understand that a pillowcase is an accepted substitute.


No, wait! I have an even better idea! Come, Sigyn! Mayhem and sweetmeats await!


>|: [

* She’s a “ghost of a chance.”  Clever, yes?  It took me a while to figure it out. I do love that girl!