Halloween, Part I: Clothes Make the Man (or Woman)

Sigyn and I discussed doing what is colloquially termed a “couple’s costume,” but we couldn’t agree on whom to be. She wanted to go as a pair of flower fairies, but I nipped that in the bud. (Ehhehehehe.) I wanted to be something disgusting and obnoxious, like Thor snogging Jane Foster, or something truly terrifying, like Sigyn’s half-sister Gunnehilde. We could have just reprised our pirate garb, but that seemed like cheating.

Sigyn finally decided it was easiest to be a ghost. Not just any ghost, mind you. No, she is going around saying things like, “About fifty-fifty,” and “It might or it might not,” and “It’s the luck of the draw.”* And she has her little basket all ready for candy.


I have decided to impersonate a famous, fearful fiend from Midgardian folklore. Is this not a good illusion?


And look at what I can make the photo do! (Just watch it for a moment.) Mwahahahaha!


Since, apart from tricking or terrifying one’s neighbors, this festival is about the sanctioned extortion of sweets, I have decided that no small basket or bag will suit my needs. I understand that a pillowcase is an accepted substitute.


No, wait! I have an even better idea! Come, Sigyn! Mayhem and sweetmeats await!


>|: [

* She’s a “ghost of a chance.”  Clever, yes?  It took me a while to figure it out. I do love that girl!


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