Month: November 2014

After the feast

We did have a large Thanksgiving feast with family. We all had to say what we were thankful for. I was thankful that we were not having dinner with my family.

Afterwards, Sigyn and I took a stroll in the garden to help walk off the meal. Sigyn, no flower is as fair as you.


The next day, we found we were still mostly full from the previous day’ feast. For breakfast, the human female herself could manage only a bit of toast with (red) jam, some (red) juice, and some (reddish) fruit-clabbered milk. (Bleargh.)


Her tendency to color-coordinate her meals baffles me.

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A Family Time

I have learned that this holiday is also very much about family, and about reaching out to loved ones who are far away.

This is the human female’s beloved Aunt, who lives thousands of miles distant.


I have made a few improvements.

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Let’s get cooking! (Special bonus diary entry)

Mise en place is all important. Be sure to assemble your ingredients before beginning.


(Don’t you just hate it when you light up the stove and there’s an odd, burning smell and you can’t tell whether there’s something in the stove or something wrong with the food and you have to stop what you’re doing and take the pot off and take the stovetop half to pieces and go fishing for whatever might be down there and what in the Nine Realms is all that charred stuff and Ow! the burner’s still hot and dammit and why can no one can find the burn cream?)

We may *never* get to eat! Ehehehehehe…

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More kitchen mischief

I didn’t have time to finish my preparations yesterday. So much to do!

Here is the lemon (I think it was a lemon.)


No platter would be perfect without a little parsley garnish!


The berries are ready for the pie.


That’s the produce sorted. Time to start cubing the bread for the stuffing. This year we are having a special furry stuffing…


I think Sigyn and I will be eating out.

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Holiday Mischief

The humans are gearing up to some sort of festival. I must admit I do not yet fully understand what they are celebrating. I thought at first it was a harvest festival, although crops throughout the realm have been gathered for quite some time. Indeed, most of this country has already had snow. (Ehehehehe. You’re welcome, Buffalo.)

The holiday seems to feature parades, sporting contests, and a frenzy of market-going.

However, the main event seems to be a massive feast of Asgardian proportions. (You know, this whole thing sounds like just the sort of holiday Thor loves best. I shan’t invite him.)

I’ve been doing my best to make sure the vegetables are ready the big meal.


The celery is nearly ready for the stuffing.


The lettuce is ready for the salad…


…so is this tomato…


…aaaand the cucumber.


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This does not fool me either.

How stupid does the human female think I am? I wasn’t fooled about the ball pit, and I’m not buying her lies about this, either. I don’t care how loudly she protests that this is some sort of delicate laboratory apparatus, this is clearly some sort of delightful carnival-type ride. She just wants to hog all the fun for herself.


Hop in, Sigyn! Let’s go for a spin!

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After days of drizzle, rain, clouds, and more rain, the sun has come out. It is warm and breezy. The sky is a brilliant blue. And, wonder of wonders, some of the trees in town have decided, overnight, that fall color is a Good Thing. It felt very good just to like back in the still-green grass and enjoy the spectacle. Until I got all squinty.


There really is everything from deepest maroon to a brilliant yellow. I approve. Sigyn, of course, likes the red leaves best, while I prefer the contrast of the ones that still have a bit of green on them.


Sadly, after all the rain, they are not crisp enough to jump in enjoyably. Still, they can be amusing. Come, Sigyn, let us haul them all inside and scatter them all over the carpet so that the humans and the cat can enjoy them.

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