Day: November 1, 2014

Halloween, Part III: The Spoils.

Sigyn and I were too tired last night to do more than scarf down a couple of chocolate bars apiece, remove our costumes, and fall into bed. This morning, we are looking over our booty.

Not a bad haul. Sigyn is clearly excited. Look, my love, those round ones have an “S” on them. They must be specially for you.


Sigyn has gravitated to the candy in red packaging, while I am intrigued by these…


What, pray tell, is a “Whopper”?* And what manner of thing is “partially hydrogenated coconut oil”? I think it is probably best not to read the labels so closely.

Wait! What mischief is this? I believe that some of our neighbors used this holiday as an excuse to get rid of last year’s Yule confections. Broken ones, at that!


And what cheap bastard gave us a cough drop?

>|: [

* Sigyn has explained the various meanings of the Midgardian word “Whopper.” A most suitable candy for the God of Lies!