Autumnal cuisine.

Autumn in this part of Midgard ushers in a spate of seasonal cuisine. It is no longer a torment to spend time in the kitchen, so at the first hint of cooler weather, cooks jettison the salad makings that were the only fare they could stomach during summer’s heat and dust off the stew pots and roasters. Everyone is busy baking something. Pumpkin is forced into everything, whether or not it suits the dish.

Most of this I can understand. But this… What in the Nine Realms is this? It appears to have underpinnings of apple, but why has it been impaled? And what is this brown coating? It looks like the sort of jest I would perpetrate, but I swear I was not involved.


It’s so shiny Sigyn can see herself in it! Wait, don’t touch it!

Too late. The sticky has happened.


Sigh. Enjoy eating and stretching your goo, my sweet, and when you’re ready to be de-stickified, come find me and we’ll clean you up.

>|: [


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