Day: November 7, 2014

Cold snap!

I usually try to hide my Frost Giant nature, but it has been hard not to give myself away this week. You see, the building where the human female works has not had any heat, due to a little judicious tinkering on my part. The folks from Maintenance are stumped and are explaining it as "some fault of the heating or the cooling or steam pressure or something." (Insert technical mumbo-jumbo, mention "asbestos," waffle, equivocate, repeat.)

The upshot is that staff and students alike have been piling on the layers, clutching mugs of coffee, huddling together for warmth, and trying to write with stiff, blue fingers. They’ve had to put heat lamps on the aquaria to keep the krakens and snot-snails and what-have-you from dying. Everyone is miserable. It’s hilarious! I’ve made a big show of griping about the chill, but secretly I think it has been invigorating and entertaining. You call this cold? Ha! I could show you cold

All glee aside, it is time to bring about the end of this cold spell, because my darling is starting to suffer. As good fortune would have it, I have found this lovely big hot tub /spa for her. I shall set it for "nicely toasty," Sigyn, and you can have a long, hot bath. No need to hurry, either. The students won’t want it for their experiments until Monday.


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