Day: November 9, 2014

It’s a tedious job but someone has to do it.

The human female is whipping herself into a frenzy, preparing already for the annual Yule celebration. She has obtained a pair of dolls and is planning to sew an elaborate wardrobe for them. (In what spare time will she do it, I wonder? The whole thing reminds me of what Heimdall used to say about, “starting vast projects with half-vast ideas.”)

I foresee many struggles with uncooperative plastic limbs, crooked seams, broken bobbin threads (a specialty of mine), lost ribbons, and mis-cut patterns. Ehehehehe! There is virtually no end to the havoc I can wreak in the sewing room!

I shall start with all the straight pins. When I am done, the human female will have to think of something else to call them.


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