Day: November 13, 2014

Hear that?

That is the sound of the wind roaring around the eaves. That is the sound of wind-chimes banging themselves to death. That is the sound of the fall planting window slamming firmly shut.

Folks all over North America are “enjoying” the first big arctic weather system of the season. It takes a true Frost Giant to whirl up a storm that can drop the temperature sixty degrees F in twenty-four hours and dump half a meter of snow on folks who’ve barely had time to round up lost mittens or straggle around in the dark wrapping exterior pipes against possible freezes.

I do good work!

The human female had hoped to put in some winter annuals and spring-flowering bulbs, but she’s missed her chance.


See these grotesque, rooty-sprouty things? They grow up into enormous Amaryllises (Amarylli?) Sigyn would have liked the human female to plant a whole row of red-flowered ones. Sorry, Sigyn, it’s not to be. Yes, it’s too bad, but you *know* how lazy the human is. She got the dead summer annuals tidied away and then ran out of gumption.


No, I fear there will not be any nasty-sturtiums either. Pity.

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