Day: November 19, 2014

A cold, wet walk.

The calendar says, "Autumn." So of course the human female and Sigyn want to go out and look for fall color and berries and nuts and suchlike. (My theory is that this urge to hoard for the winter is due to humans’ descent from some sort of tail-less rodent.)

The weather could not be more unpleasant if it tried. Crisp, sparkling cold is one thing–and as a Frost Giant, I can certainly appreciate the sparkle of sunlight on snow–but it has turned from summerishly warm to a seeping, cold, sniveling, damp misery. It’s gray and mizzling and windy and why are we out here and not at home with a blanket and a cup of hot cider???

Oh, very well. I will grant you that this mist-bespangled spiderweb is rather pretty. But my feet are wet.



And yes, that is a very colorful vine. The human female says it is something called "poison ivy" and can cause horrible, itchy rashes. Hmm. I think perhaps a bit needs to come home with me and find its way into her pajamas…

A cold, wet, unhappy Loki is a very naughty Loki…

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