Day: November 23, 2014


After days of drizzle, rain, clouds, and more rain, the sun has come out. It is warm and breezy. The sky is a brilliant blue. And, wonder of wonders, some of the trees in town have decided, overnight, that fall color is a Good Thing. It felt very good just to like back in the still-green grass and enjoy the spectacle. Until I got all squinty.


There really is everything from deepest maroon to a brilliant yellow. I approve. Sigyn, of course, likes the red leaves best, while I prefer the contrast of the ones that still have a bit of green on them.


Sadly, after all the rain, they are not crisp enough to jump in enjoyably. Still, they can be amusing. Come, Sigyn, let us haul them all inside and scatter them all over the carpet so that the humans and the cat can enjoy them.

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