Holiday Mischief

The humans are gearing up to some sort of festival. I must admit I do not yet fully understand what they are celebrating. I thought at first it was a harvest festival, although crops throughout the realm have been gathered for quite some time. Indeed, most of this country has already had snow. (Ehehehehe. You’re welcome, Buffalo.)

The holiday seems to feature parades, sporting contests, and a frenzy of market-going.

However, the main event seems to be a massive feast of Asgardian proportions. (You know, this whole thing sounds like just the sort of holiday Thor loves best. I shan’t invite him.)

I’ve been doing my best to make sure the vegetables are ready the big meal.


The celery is nearly ready for the stuffing.


The lettuce is ready for the salad…


…so is this tomato…


…aaaand the cucumber.


>|: [


One comment

  1. EEEEW! Loki, I am amazed at the distance across which your powers may reach! My refrigerator also contains the results of your handiwork, and my vegetables are frequently as thoroughly cursed as your female human ‘friend’!

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