Day: November 27, 2014

Let’s get cooking! (Special bonus diary entry)

Mise en place is all important. Be sure to assemble your ingredients before beginning.


(Don’t you just hate it when you light up the stove and there’s an odd, burning smell and you can’t tell whether there’s something in the stove or something wrong with the food and you have to stop what you’re doing and take the pot off and take the stovetop half to pieces and go fishing for whatever might be down there and what in the Nine Realms is all that charred stuff and Ow! the burner’s still hot and dammit and why can no one can find the burn cream?)

We may *never* get to eat! Ehehehehehe…

>|: [

More kitchen mischief

I didn’t have time to finish my preparations yesterday. So much to do!

Here is the lemon (I think it was a lemon.)


No platter would be perfect without a little parsley garnish!


The berries are ready for the pie.


That’s the produce sorted. Time to start cubing the bread for the stuffing. This year we are having a special furry stuffing…


I think Sigyn and I will be eating out.

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