It wasn’t me. By Odin’s beard, it wasn’t me.

Yes, I have been known to ponder the odd human-brain-in-a-jar, but that doesn’t mean I would ever even remotely begin to harbor the merest speckle of the ghost of the start of a notion to amass a whole purloined collection of them.

So much nope. You will have to lay this at someone else’s door.  I suggest you start with the U.T. dining hall and see if the pickled cauliflower looks a little dicey recently.

>|: [

p.s.  I can sneak quite a bit past the dim human female, but I think she’d probably notice something like this if I brought it home.

p.p.s.  Yes, cauliflower jokes are disrespectful of the dead.  Remember who you are dealing with.  Bad guy, remember?


    1. Some deeds win one fame or power. Other deeds win one a jail cell. Still others the reputation as a certifiable kook. While I may be a notorious criminal mastermind with aspirations of world domination, I feel certain that this escapade will bring notoriety solely of the third kind, an accolade I eschew.

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