Practical week, Part 2– You have to play it safe around electricity*

The last few practicals are being given. One of the exam stations covers gel electrophoresis. That is a fancy word for electrocuting things in a precise, scientific way. (Unlike the electrocuting my oafish brother Thor does, which is rather uncontrolled and not at all scientific.)


Sigyn! Get out of there! Didn’t you read the sign?! If someone were to start the gel rig up, you would be toasted instantly! I shall make sure it is turned off and is unplugged.


There. That is much safer. Don’t scare me like that! (Hmm. I think I may be getting an idea, though, of how to handle the brutish green Hulk if he ever comes around…)

When properly conducted, gel electrophoresis can be a useful tool, especially in the processing of DNA evidence. I am always careful not to leave DNA evidence at the scene of my crimes. I don’t have fingerprints to worry about, but Jotun DNA is very distinctive.

The rule for remembering how to set up positive and negative poles of the electrophoresis gel rig is "Begin at Black; Run to Red"

Run to Red. I always do.


>|: [

*How many of you knew where that title phrase comes from?

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