Day: December 11, 2014

In the Sewing Room, Part 2–Preparation is key.

Sewing goes so much more smoothly when the fabrics are properly prepared. A little spray starch or sizing helps. The human female uses a special lavender-scented spray sizing. It’s become completely automatic for her to reach for the can and lay down a fine mist on whatever she’s pressing. She’s been doing it for years and doesn’t even read the label anymore.


Those cotton doll clothes may stay a bit limp, but they’ll be 99.9% germ-free and smell like crisp linen!

Seriously, ironing can be fun, and I am glad to help. I shall even adjust the heat for her. Nylon takes the hottest setting and linen likes a cool iron, yes? (Those natural plant fibers can be so delicate.)

As I said yesterday, this room really is a mess, but everything here has been bought or saved for a some project or other. The human female is very frugal and likes to make use of everything. For instance, this plastic bag is a good size and could be used for any number of things. But it’s all wrinkly! Here, let me smooth it out.


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