Day: December 14, 2014

In the Sewing Room, Part 4–Oooooh, shiny!

The human female’s machine has a whole case of spare bits. She’s out at the moment, so I shall take this opportunity to see if there’s anything I can use.

Hmm. Cams for fancy stitches? Nope. Seam guide? Bo-ring. Tiny tube of machine oil? Potentially useful. I’ve heard that if you use too much, it comes off on the next six things one sews. Such as tiny dresses of pale silk…

Oh, hello… By Sif’s curvy cuirass, what are these things? Ah, I get it. The regular presser foot comes off, and these must be attachments for other functions. Very clever.


I think this might be for sewing nappy fabrics, so the pile doesn’t get crushed. I’ll hide this one, because I know she has something in mind using fur.

Whoa! What is this one for?


It looks like a sled! I could hitch up some mice and go mushing across the frozen tundra! Sigyn would like that.

Oh. Oh, sweet glittering Bifrost, I have no clue what this wicked-looking thing does, but it’s shiny and pointy and hurtful looking…


and it’s mine now.*

>|: [

* I think it may actually be what they call the Torquemada foot, whose use was banned by the Midgardian Geneva Convention.