Day: December 16, 2014

That’s a wrap! Part I — No job is finished until the taperwork is done.

The human female said it was "time to do the rapping" and I was *this* close to taking Sigyn and running away from home, because really, who wants to hear THAT?

But, thankfully, she was only talking about putting concealing paper on some Yule presents! So here we are, surrounded by numerous naked gifts and a baffling array of office products. (Do mortals really do this every year? When we give gifts in Asgard, we just plop whatever it is down in front of the recipient–and they’d better like it.)

Oh, please, may I help? You know how I like to play with scissors…

Apparently, one must have the right sort of tape for the job. This narrow stuff comes in a handy dispenser.*


Oh, too bad. It’s empty


So is the refill roll.

Finding the free end of a roll of tape can be frustrating. Especially this particular roll.


Mostly because I magicked it so that it doesn’t have one…

>|: [

*Which I will be sure leave where it can be stepped upon barefoot.