Day: December 22, 2014

Reach out and touch someone

I thought the human female was finished with her Yule preparations when the wrapping was completed. Apparently not.


It seems what happens after Wrapping is Cards. Midgardians send one another short, "heartfelt" seasonal messages and long, braggarty sagas of what they and their pernicious offspring have been up to. They write these missives on colorful bits of cardboard, enclosed in colorful bits of paper. Then they stick on colorful labels with notes about who it’s from and where it should go. The final touch is another colorful sticker meant to bribe the courier to actually deliver it. It strikes me as a lot of color, paper products, and ink to pass along what are at best trite (and at worst insincere!) wishes. Often, many of these cards go to people out of a sense of obligation. (The human female with whom I reside is more sincere than most, I think. She does actually write a real note in most of her cards, and she seems to care about the people to whom she sends them. But it still seems like a lot of work.)

Sigyn asks if there aren’t people to whom I’d like to send a holiday message of my own. Hmm. Now that I think about it…




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