Day: December 23, 2014

Another Yule custom

It is the custom at the human female’s work place to gather everyone for a holiday luncheon to which everyone brings a dish. Mainly, it is an excuse to slip off work for a good while and an opportunity to consume an inordinate quantity of food, under the guise of "trying a little bit of everything."

Many of the dishes are unfamiliar to me. I recognize lettuce, but what are these little grains with the curly bits? I don’t trust them. And why does the turkey appear to be bleeding?


Very well, we obviously have some fruit, placed on the plate as a fleeting nod to nutrition. But what are the various yellow concoctions? I heard someone mention "stuffing," but that’s what the human female is doing. I want to know what she’s eating.


Ah, dessert! Sigyn and I like dessert!


We have apple pie, some cake, a triangle of strawberry cheesecake in fancy dress, and… and…and whatever this quaking cube thingy is. Sigyn says she heard someone call it "flan." You can’t fool me. That’s not a real word. Before I taste it, I will wait and see if the human female eats it without expiring.

Oh, and Sigyn–it looks as if some careless person dropped a few nuts on your cheesecake. You aren’t allergic, are you?

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