Day: December 27, 2014

A gift for Sigyn, Part I–A Glass Garden

I very much wanted to find a special Yule gift for my lovely Sigyn. After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to follow the notion that the best presents are experiences, rather than things.

Sigyn, as has been noted before, is quite fond of glass paperweights. Thus, now that the holiday festivities have subsided, I have arranged a visit to the fine collection of glass paperweights housed in one of the University’s galleries. (The gallery is closed for the holiday, but pfft! a locked door never stopped a determined Loki.)


Sigyn is beside herself. Look at all of them! And all of these appear to have flowers within! She is doubly happy.


Be careful, dearest. You are leaving little nose smudges on the case…

>|: [