A gift for Sigyn, Part II–So hard to choose!

Sigyn, which one is your favorite? Do you like the round ones, or the ones that are more oddly shaped?


(Isn’t my girl photogenic? You can’t take a bad picture of her.)


She has narrowed it down to two: the blue one with all the tiny flowers and the one with pink hearts AND flowers. I guessed it! She’s chosen the pink one.

How long do you suppose it would take, if I rearranged the other displays and labels, for the curatorial staff to notice that one of their millefiori paperweights was missing?

(And what, exactly, do Midgardians need all the paperweights FOR, anyway? Are there frequent gravitational anomalies that cause reams and sheaves and leaves to just fly about, willy-nilly? Are there receipt vortices and note-storms? Hurricanes of household accounts and random typhoons of tax scrolls? Asgard has its flaws, but our paperwork stays put without recourse to random heavy objects or the glassblower’s art.)

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