Day: December 31, 2014

New Year. Bah.

Midgardians make a huge fuss about flipping the calendar page from the last month to the first. They indulge in a wallowing orgy of navel-gazing, bemoaning all their faults and failures and the myriad disappointments of the outgoing year. They make lists of resolutions and naively believe that a “new year” will somehow solve all their problems and they will be magically be slimmer, smarter, more energetic, and more attractive to the opposite sex.

As if.

To top it off, this is somehow to be ushered in by the quaffing of copious amounts of alcohol and the setting off of fireworks.

The human female, the male, and the female’s mother may have their regrets and resolutions, but they are very, very boring and will likely not make it until midnight.


Still, I have been in this realm for almost exactly one year. (Where does the time go?!) I suppose it couldn’t hurt to look back at 2014 and see how I am progressing toward my conquest of Midgard. I have made a list of my accomplishments.


I bought a horse and I met (and maybe married) Sigyn.

Sigyn is wonderful, but that’s it. I’ve no palace, no army, no global throne. I’ve made no progress at all. I honestly thought I would be running this realm by now.

I feel like such a failure. Is there really any point in continuing this? Should I just forget Midgard and try someplace else? Or give up altogether and take up, I don’t know, beekeeping or something? Does anyone care? What should I do…?

(If there’s anyone reading this, leave a comment.)

New Year. Bah.

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