Month: December 2014

That’s a wrap! Part III — Don’t you hate it when…

The human female is becoming more and more fretful, despite my assistance. She can’t find the marker for addressing the packages.


There seems to be a small but critical tailoring issue with the paper she cut.


And all the tissue paper has holes.


>|: [

That’s a wrap! Part I — No job is finished until the taperwork is done.

The human female said it was "time to do the rapping" and I was *this* close to taking Sigyn and running away from home, because really, who wants to hear THAT?

But, thankfully, she was only talking about putting concealing paper on some Yule presents! So here we are, surrounded by numerous naked gifts and a baffling array of office products. (Do mortals really do this every year? When we give gifts in Asgard, we just plop whatever it is down in front of the recipient–and they’d better like it.)

Oh, please, may I help? You know how I like to play with scissors…

Apparently, one must have the right sort of tape for the job. This narrow stuff comes in a handy dispenser.*


Oh, too bad. It’s empty


So is the refill roll.

Finding the free end of a roll of tape can be frustrating. Especially this particular roll.


Mostly because I magicked it so that it doesn’t have one…

>|: [

*Which I will be sure leave where it can be stepped upon barefoot.

In the Sewing Room, Part 4–Oooooh, shiny!

The human female’s machine has a whole case of spare bits. She’s out at the moment, so I shall take this opportunity to see if there’s anything I can use.

Hmm. Cams for fancy stitches? Nope. Seam guide? Bo-ring. Tiny tube of machine oil? Potentially useful. I’ve heard that if you use too much, it comes off on the next six things one sews. Such as tiny dresses of pale silk…

Oh, hello… By Sif’s curvy cuirass, what are these things? Ah, I get it. The regular presser foot comes off, and these must be attachments for other functions. Very clever.


I think this might be for sewing nappy fabrics, so the pile doesn’t get crushed. I’ll hide this one, because I know she has something in mind using fur.

Whoa! What is this one for?


It looks like a sled! I could hitch up some mice and go mushing across the frozen tundra! Sigyn would like that.

Oh. Oh, sweet glittering Bifrost, I have no clue what this wicked-looking thing does, but it’s shiny and pointy and hurtful looking…


and it’s mine now.*

>|: [

* I think it may actually be what they call the Torquemada foot, whose use was banned by the Midgardian Geneva Convention.

In the Sewing Room, Part 3– What a fine machine

The human female’s machine is older than she is. Also more reliable. Not to mention better looking. (And quieter. And worth more.) She takes pretty good care of it, but she tends to leave it unguarded for long periods of time. Therefore, she really shouldn’t be surprised when…


Swip-swap! The bobbin runs out two inches before the end of the last seam…


Wobble-wobble! The presser foot is somehow loose…

Snap! The top thread breaks…


Ka-chunk! The throat plate is mysteriously loose…

And –click-click!–everything’s coming up zigzag.


>|: [

p.s. Six trivia points to any non-Lou reader who can correctly identify the make and model.

In the Sewing Room, Part 2–Preparation is key.

Sewing goes so much more smoothly when the fabrics are properly prepared. A little spray starch or sizing helps. The human female uses a special lavender-scented spray sizing. It’s become completely automatic for her to reach for the can and lay down a fine mist on whatever she’s pressing. She’s been doing it for years and doesn’t even read the label anymore.


Those cotton doll clothes may stay a bit limp, but they’ll be 99.9% germ-free and smell like crisp linen!

Seriously, ironing can be fun, and I am glad to help. I shall even adjust the heat for her. Nylon takes the hottest setting and linen likes a cool iron, yes? (Those natural plant fibers can be so delicate.)

As I said yesterday, this room really is a mess, but everything here has been bought or saved for a some project or other. The human female is very frugal and likes to make use of everything. For instance, this plastic bag is a good size and could be used for any number of things. But it’s all wrinkly! Here, let me smooth it out.


>|: [