Month: December 2014

Tinkering for a good cause

The weather has sorted itself out a bit at the moment (we have had hot, cold, hot, cold, windy, hot, repeat…) and the human female isn’t doing anything interesting, so I am taking a walk outside. Look at this–the Powers That Be have installed some self-service maintenance stations for taking care of the myriad treacherous bicycles which infest the campus. I have been nearly flattened by them on numerous occasions. Obviously, I have some work to do!

Hmm. Wrench, screwdriver, and… maybe another screwdriver. Something preternaturally pointy, anyway. From this moment on each of these will be just a few millimeters off and won’t fit any make of bike.


Ditto these bits, whatever they are.


Now they’ll just be a collection of useless swings for people of my stature.

And finally…


…the air supply will now read 15 psi below actual tire pressure. Inner tubes make a most satisfying “boom!” when over-inflated.

All hail, Loki, making the campus safer for pedestrians!

>|: [

Yet another Midgardian inn

I forgot to mention that the humans traveled for this past holiday, staying in yet another Midgardian inn. I am beginning to believe that they were all constructed by one person, for they are all mostly the same, same, same. *Yawn.*

I will admit, however, that this one had a unique method of presenting the bath linens. We had a good game of hide-and-seek.


Sigyn won. (Horns are hard to hide.)

This inn was another with a sink cake.


Sigyn, I know you were excited, but remember what I’ve told you about them. They’re not edible, no matter how good they smell.

So we checked out the inn’s actually-food offerings. Mostly the same as previous inn fare, though it did have these small round breakfasts The human female says they’re for eating with butter and honey, but Sigyn found them fluffy enough to recline on. I think perhaps this is what the Midgardians refer to as a "Bed and Breakfast."


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Yet another nature walk

Sigyn has suggested that we take yet another nature walk, in view of the likelihood of another nasty cold front coming in tomorrow to yuckify the weather. Sigh. Nature is itchy and generally muddy, and the boring human female just natters on and on and on about plants until I want to sew her lips shut.

Still, I hate to refuse my dearest anything. She asks for so little, so I have (reluctantly) agreed. We are back out at the woodland park because, not content with the colored leaves we collected from the cultivated trees around the house, Sigyn wants to see what colors the native trees turn.

Now, this part of Midgard is not known for its fall color, so the results of our study go something like this: brown, tan, brown, goldish-brown, grayish-brown, brownish-gold, vaguely yellow, brown…

But this tree! Oh, this little tree! I must admit– it is quite a sight. Sigyn adores it (it’s red), and were it slightly less poke-y, I would be happy to perch in it for a good while. As it is, this tree is built for show, not comfort, so I am ready to depart.


The human female says it is called a “farkleberry.” Now she’s just making stuff up.*

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* Humph!  They call ME the God of Lies!