Day: January 3, 2015

Is it supposed to look like that?

The human female’s mother likes to cook the way some people like to breathe. She arrived at the transport point with a suitcase full of food. (No doubt she is familiar with her daughter’s woeful efforts in the kitchen.)

The first delicacy she served up is a sort of meat pasty which I am given to understand is popular in other parts of Midgard, those bits of the planet given over to ice hockey and maple trees.


Careful, Sigyn. Ground meat is always suspect. There could be anything in there…

The human female, not to be left out, managed to procure several unusual apples with which to bake a galette. (“Galette” is a foreign word meaning, “I am too lazy to make a tidy two-crust pie.”) Half of the apples were a very ancient, lumpy, yellowish variety called ‘Caville Blanc d’Hiver.’ She paired them up with another variety having outrageous insides.


There is nothing wrong with your eyes. They are PINK. PINK apples! Sigyn is tickled. I am dubious, especially since ‘Pink Pearl‘ is also the name of a popular brand of RUBBER PENCIL ERASER! How can I be sure the human female understands the difference?

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