Day: January 4, 2015

Twisted Baking, Part I — It’s alive!

The human female and her mother, when left to their own devices, come up with Projects, usually Projects Which Beget Messes.

Today is no exception. They have decided to bake some small, shaped breads, the making of which will allow them to play with their food before they eat it as well as after.

Sigyn and I have very generously offered to supervise. (Those two need watching.)

First we need some of whatever’s in this yellow packet. I hope this Fleischmann fellow knows his stuff.


Sigyn is adding the package contents to warm water with a dash of sugar.


It smells a bit like Thor’s dirty socks.

Great Frigga’s corset! Is it supposed to foam like this?!


It is burping. That can’t be good.

>|: [