Day: January 11, 2015


Sigyn and I have found this weird… thing on the dining room table. It is hard and knobbly and covered with orange powder..


My dearest thinks it might be the larva of some exotic insect. I think it was left by some sort of beast that makes very odd poops. Perhaps the cat has been eating something she shouldn’t…?

What in Helheim?! The humans — the usual two, the mom, and the guests — have a whole BAG of these and are now *eating* them! These are food?

Sigyn, I don’t think you’d better… Are you really going to…? You licked one.


Um, I think you should stop. You don’t know what they’re made of and they might be…


Sigyn! Sigyn? Too late. I’ve lost her.

>|: [

ed. note: If you’ve never had a Cheeto, I am so sorry for you.