Day: January 12, 2015


The guests have gone, but the human female’s mother is still here. As yet *another* late Yule gift, the human female is trying to make her a necklace. She has dragged out the entire contents of her bead “stash.”

Look at all the shinies!


Magpies have nothing on this woman.

I see beads and wires and pliers and string and crystals and … things I can’t even identify.

I have no confidence that she can put together anything worth wearing. My money is on her ending up with something lodged up her nose and at least three containers spilled all over the floor. Therefore, I’m calling her stash forfeit.

I am taking all these lovely gold beads.


And all the green things.

Sigyn is enamored of…. Oh, I don’t even need to say it, do I?


>|: [