Day: January 16, 2015

It wasn’t me.

By the pointy little horns on my pointy little head, I swear it wasn’t me.*

From: The Human Female’s Mother
To: Customer Relations, Major Carrier Airlines

To whom it May Concern:

On November 18, 2014, I entered into a contract with Major Carrier Airlines in which you agreed to provide me with round-trip transportation from El Paso to College Station and back. For this service, I paid the sum of $ XXX.XX, not an insignificant amount for a senior on fixed Social Security income.

Leg 1…El Paso to College Station, on Tuesday, December 30, 2014, was the picture of efficiency, and I felt that the pilot had our best interest at heart when he delayed departure to de-ice the wings. Better be safe than sorry.

Sad to say, the return trip was anything but wonderful.

It began in College Station where the agent informed me that departure would be delayed long enough that I would be unable to make the connection in Dallas. To his credit, he tried a great many alternatives but couldn’t find anything that would get me home until the next day. I could go to Dallas and wait out that time, incurring hotel and meal costs, but that was at my expense. I asked about connecting to other airlines, and he pointed out that the Major Carrier Airlines agents couldn’t check other airlines, much less make arrangements with them. He inquired if I had a laptop so I could look up other flights myself. No, I did not.

It took several long distance calls on my cell phone and the efforts of my daughters with computers to learn that I could get home on the 5th on A Different Airline, if Major Carrier Airlines could get me to Austin. I really needed to get to El Paso: some aspects of my life are as inflexible as my aging body! Yes, the agent got me to Austin, and then the credit card took another major hit in buying last-minute alternate plane tickets.

When I arrived in Austin, I was faced with the task of retrieving my luggage and re-checking it with A Different Airline In addition, due to the last minute booking, the route meant extra flights: Austin to Phoenix, and then back to El Paso. The long delays also meant more outlay of cash for meals during that time. When I arrived home at 10 PM, it was necessary to hire a taxi to drive me home…friends who would have picked me up at 12:30 PM (the time of your original itinerary) don’t drive at night.

I understand that cancelled flights and delays are sometimes beyond your control, but I paid up front in good conscience, expecting you to deliver…and you did not. I firmly feel that I am owed a refund (not a credit voucher) for the portion of the journey you didn’t provide…Austin to El Paso. I’m not asking for the other extras I incurred.

I would like to be able to tell my other senior friends who travel that Major Carrier Airlines has a heart, and that I was treated with respect and consideration. Surely, that’s not an enormous request.


The Human Female’s Mother


* But I did arrange for the TSA to give the contents of her suitcase an extra-thorough pawing.

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