Day: January 17, 2015

Beautiful berries

The human female has come back from a walk down to the park with this interesting cluster of berries. She garbled out the fancy science name, but I wasn’t really listening.


Look, Sigyn–some of the berries are green, some are red, and some are red AND green! It’s an “us” plant!

I wonder if they are edible? Home-made jam on toast is sooo good. The human female, before she wandered off (short attention span), said that they are related to pistachios (yummy), mango (also delicious), cashews (tasty nuts that sound like sneezes), and poison ivy–NOT so tasty. I suppose there is nothing for it but to try a little bit.

Nibble, nibble, nibble… Hurk! BLEARGH! Unnnngh. Sigyn, do we have any tummy medicine?

>|: b